In a twist that everyone saw coming, Kyle Sandilands’ wedding bill is set to be a very, very expensive affair.

He and fiancée Tegan Kynaston made headlines early in 2023 when they revealed their outrageous wedding registry – it was hard to believe that anyone could need a $429 room spray – and don’t seem to have slowed down since.

While chatting to Jackie O Henderson – his co-host on Australia’s number one radio show The Kyle & Jackie O Show – he detailed exactly how much they’d spent so far on their 130-person event.

“The bills were all coming in,” the 51-year-old shock jock said, after discussing how the pair had met with their wedding planner, and Kyle had realised just how much their nuptials were costing them. “They’re fine, they’re manageable.”

“There’s many pages of things,” he went on, “and I’m glancing through and I’m going to the end like ‘what’s the cost of this thing?’

“It didn’t have a total – there’s still a few things to add – but I did notice the flowers are quite expensive.

“$150,000 for flowers.”

And although it was revealed that each guest was to receive a bouquet of flowers to take home with them, Jackie – understandably – couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

“Kyle, that’s more than I spent on my whole wedding,” she said of her own $80k celebration in 2012, “like double.”

Kyle had more to add, going on to reveal that he and Tegan intended to spend a whopping $100,000 on catering ($35,000 on caviar alone). And, of course, the custom linen napkins embroidered with his ‘personalised’ family crest for each of their guests added just a drop in the budget bucket – the co-hosts believed they must cost anywhere between $10,000 to $15,000.

Of the caviar, at least, Jackie could agree the price was right, telling Kyle “that’s worth it. I always think when you do that little sprinkle, that’s stuff that you remember.”

While the couple might have had an opportunity to bring their costs down with their entertainment – with the likes of Guy Sebastian set to perform for free – they decided not to branch out, and coughed up some more money for exactly what they wanted: “the best musicians”.

“You’ve gotta fly in the drummer from Melbourne, and the guitarist needs transfers and an overnight stay,” Kyle explained to Jackie, “they’re coming from all over the country. The best musicians.

“So I think where the band gets expensive … Guy is performing in the marquee, then inside the disco venue – it’s all in the one mansion. Instead of unplugging the keyboard and dragging it inside, I’ve got two setups.”

While the couple are “already up to $250,000 and we’ve only got flowers and food”, it doesn’t seem as though they have any intention of slowing it down, or observing any sort of budget. Especially not if Kyle continues as he has been, having so far “just approved everything just so I could get back to [watching] television.”

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This article first appeared on Over60.