After a trying few months, the parents of Cleo Smith are reportedly engaged.

Ellie Smith and Jake Gliddon shared their happy news on social media on Sunday, with Ellie posting a photo of a bed covered in rose petals spelling out the words “MARRY ME”, while showing off her pear-shaped diamond ring.

The pair then posted a selfie of them holding hands with beaming smiles, as Ellie posed again with her new sparkly accessory.

The couple’s heart-warming news comes just one week after they shared the terrifying recount of when their four-year-old daughter Cleo went missing in October last year.

Image credits: Facebook

In an exclusive TV interview with 60 Minutes, that the pair reportedly pocketed $2 million for, Ellie and Jake shared the details of when Cleo was reportedly abducted from their family’s Western Australian campsite.

Cleo disappeared from Quobba Blowholes site on October 16th last year, and was found alive and well 18 days later.

She was found in the house of Carnarvon man Terence Darrell Kelly, who has recently pleaded guilty on the charge of child stealing and awaits sentencing.

In the interview, Ellie and Jake said they were planning to move from Carnarvon so their little girl can have an “amazing life”.

“Hopefully we find somewhere that is pretty similar to what we love and what we do because we don’t want to let go of everything that we are and who we are,” Ellie said.

“We want to build our girls’ childhoods the way we wanted with fishing and camping, we’re just going to do it on the road for a little bit.”

Image credits: Facebook

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