A woman has caused quite the commotion over her outfit choice for her son’s big day, with one member of the family even taking to social media to find out how others felt about it.

And while the story gained the most traction a year later, people had plenty to contribute to the conversation with it was shared to Reddit, with the majority of the opinion that the mother-of-the-groom had made a major wedding day faux pas.

The post opened with a picture of the dress, an off-white floor length floral gown, with the text “MOG dress at my sister’s wedding” across the bottom of the image.

“Surely they can’t be serious,” one user wrote after stumbling across the story on the internet forum, “absolutely not”.

“First two words out [of] my mouth too. Absolutely not,” another agreed.

When one announced that it looked just like a wedding dress to them, someone else chimed in to add that “she even did the photo of it hanging from the door that you often see in bridal ‘getting ready’ photos.”

“You have to live on Mars not to realise this is entirely inappropriate,” one said. “I would have been pissed.”

And as someone else put it, “I mean, if the theme is ‘everyone wear a wedding dress’ then she nailed it. If it’s literally any other wedding theme this is absolutely wildly inappropriate”.

A member of the family eventually stumbled across the post, and swooped in to assure everyone that it had not been a joke, and to inform them that the mother-in-law had ended up wearing the dress in question.

“I just stumbled across this subreddit and wanted to hear everyone’s opinion,” she said, “because my sister and I thought she was crazy for wearing it!”

“Yikes on bikes,” someone said in response, before asking the questions on everyone’s minds, “what is her relationship with her son like? What was your sister’s relationship with her like before the wedding? What is it like now? Please spill ALL the tea!”

And luckily for them, the woman was happy to oblige, sharing that the groom had been “the oldest of 5 and the last boy to get married.

“They’re a close family and they all get along with my sister, before and after the wedding! She’s a super sweet lady but it was just such an odd choice and came out of left field.”

Images: Reddit

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