Crown Princess Mary has been dragged into an altercation between members of the Danish Royal Family after Queen Margrethe stripped four of her grandchildren of their titles.

Queen Margrethe II announced that from January 1, 2023, Prince Joachim’s children – Prince Nikolai, 23, Prince Felix, 20, Prince Henrik, 13 and Princess Athena, 10 – will not be able to use their “prince” and “princess” titles.

Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary’s children are not affected by the decision, but have been dragged into the disagreement by Prince Joachim.

Joachim and his second wife Marie say that the relationship between Mary and Frederik is “complicated”.

He went on to say that his own mother hadn’t reached out or apologised and that his daughter Athena is being bullied at school as a result of the decision.

Princess Mary defended Queen Margrethe’s decision, saying that change is never easy.

“Change can be extremely difficult and can really hurt,” Princess Mary said.

“I think most people have tried it. But this does not mean that the decision is not the right one.

“… And I can understand that it is a very difficult decision to have to make, and also a very difficult decision to receive.”

However, the Queen has since come forward to apologise to her son, saying that it was her duty to ensure the Monarchy is “forever forming in pact with time”.

“There have been strong reactions in recent days to my decision to the future use of titles for Prince Joachim’s four children. Of course, it affects me,” she wrote in a statement.

“My decision has been long made. With my 50 years on the throne, it’s only natural to look back and to look forward.

“It is my duty and desire as Queen to ensure that the Monarchy is forever forming in pact with time.

“It sometimes requires making difficult decisions, and finding the right time will always be difficult.

“To wear a royal title entails a number of obligations and tasks, which will in the future restrain fewer members of the royal family. This adjustment, which I see as a necessary assurance for the future of the Monarchy, I wish to make in my time.

“I have made my decision as a Queen, mother and grandmother, but as a mother and grandmother I have underestimated how much my youngest son and his family feel. This makes a big impression, and I’m sorry for that.

“No one should doubt that my children, in-laws and grandchildren are my great joy and pride. I hope now we as a family can find peace to get through this situation ourselves.”

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