Robert Irwin has accidentally rejected an American tourist who may be in love with him after “missing” her message.

The son of the great Steve Irwin was called cute by Megan Grass after he completed a show at Australia Zoo.

She shared the footage to TikTok of her complimenting him before asking for his number to a round of laughter.

Robert said he was “flattered” and proceeded to ask where she was from to which she responded Utah, America.

“Utah is great. I’ll tell you what, the easiest way is literally on Instagram so my people can monitor and see where it comes from because my number is hit and miss,” he said to her.

Megan then to his surprise revealed that she had in fact messaged the night before to let him know she was going to Australia Zoo.

He asked for her name and said “I’ll look it up” before waving and putting his thumb up.

It however appears that Robert did not “look up” Megan as she is yet to receive any form of communication from him.

“I think it definitely paid off because I got the opportunity to meet Robert, which is really cool,” she said on The Today Show.

“I definitely was not expecting it to blow up the way it did but it was a really cool experience all together and Robert was so sweet about it.”

When asked about what she liked about Robert, Megan said it was the fact that “he’s a great guy all together”.

“I just think he’s literally the sweetest person ever, like I was a stranger who asked for his number and he didn’t have to be polite about it but he definitely was,” she continued.

“Robert’s also like really busy and if he sees it [her message], he sees it, and if he doesn’t, it’s totally okay.”

Images: TikTok/Today

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