Scott Cam has revealed that the secret behind his 30-year marriage is a simple one: being nice to each other.

The host of The Block, who has been married to Ann, a school teacher, for 30 years, told The Sydney Morning Herald about his family life and the formula behind his happy marriage.

“You have to work hard at a marriage. Just be nice to each other, then no one is unhappy,” he told the publication.

He also revealed that whenever he’s in Sydney, he likes to treat his family by cooking breakfast for everyone – and has a sophisticated menu prepared.

“I’ve got menus: crêpes, omelettes, baked eggs and beans in the oven,” he said.

Cam also opened up about how it was love at first sight when he met Ann in 1989, when he was travelling the country as a carpenter and she was teaching.

“Ann was very beautiful, but I also could see she was nice. That night, I told Mum I’d met the girl I was going to marry,” the 59-year-old said.

“I’d like to say I had a romantic story about my marriage proposal, but we were living together, and I said I’d like to get married, and Ann agreed.”

The couple now shares three adult children, 26-year-old Charlie, and twins Sarah and Bill, 23.

In a recent interview with Woman’s Day, Cam described Ann as a “great mum” who takes care of him too.

“She looks after me and has done since the day I met her. I think [she] looks after me too well when I’m home,” he said.

“I was away from her for a couple of months while I was in Melbourne, so I had to fend for myself. I didn’t have all those little nice things in the cupboard like cakes and biscuits.

“I can’t see any part of my life without her. We’re joined – that’s what the secret is. I think you need that feeling to have a successful marriage.”

Image: @scottycamofficial (Instagram)

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