Princess Diana’s brother, Charles Spencer, has shared a sentimental photo of their grandfather and his siblings in 1902.

Charles shared the picture on Twitter and fans of the royal family were quick to note the striking resemblance between Charles’ grandfather and his own nephew, Prince William.

“Your Grandfather, Prince William and Prince George look a lot alike! A really charming photo,” wrote a fan, extending their take to Prince William’s nine-year-old son, Prince George.

The black-and-white image shows Charles’ grandfather, Albert Edward John Spencer, alongside his great-aunt Lavinia and great-uncle Cecil, dressed up in period suits and a frilly dress for a fancy-dress party. Charles, who lives at Althorp House with his wife Karen and daughter Charlotte, captioned the image, “Love the family photographs I find here at Althorp”.

Fans praised Charles for the rare insight into the family, with one tweeting, “wonderful memories to cherish. Thank you for sharing”.

Many were amazed at the similarities to be found between Albert and Prince William, but the fun didn’t stop there, with some even likening Lavinia to the late Diana, Princess of Wales.

“Lavinia; I can see Diana in her expression. Great photos! Treasured memories,” wrote one supporter.

“Those Spencer eyes,” wrote another, ending their message for the royals with a red heart emoji, a sentiment shared by many.

The 9th Earl of Spencer is well known for his Instagram, where he regularly uploads rare pictures of his family and views of his home and its stunning surroundings in Northamptonshire. In an upcoming series helmed by Charles’ wife Karen, on the upkeep and experience of being lady of the house, she joined fans in praising his “ability to tell the history of the family”.

“Fabulous that you are creating an online journey with your photography finds!!” Praised one fan.

“The quality is so good, normally in these old photos they are all cracked and you can’t see the faces very well. Thanks for sharing it’s like taking a step back in history – love it,” said another.

The latest snap comes in the wake of Harry’s memoir release and subsequent TV interviews, at a time when fans of the family are more than eager for some positive news, with many sharing their gratitude to Charles for the change in pace.

Image: Twitter

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