Kyle Sandilands is preparing to marry the love of his life and mother to his child, Tegan Kynaston.

However, before the radio host got engaged to Tegan and welcomed their son Otto into the world, Kyle was married to singer Tamara Jaber from 2008 to 2010.

Kyle revealed on his radio show on Tuesday that his marriage to Tamara was doomed from the start, as his bride warned him about their decision to get married before they both said “I do”.

The 51-year-old explained on The Kyle and Jackie O Show how Tamara, a member of the pop band Scandal’us, had told him they were making a “terrible mistake” by tying the knot, but he convinced her to go through with the ceremony because he’d “spent a fortune” on it.

He made the confession during an interview with Samantha Jade, after asking the pop star if she thinks her marriage to music industry executive Pat Handlin will last.

When Samantha said she “hopes” her marriage will go the distance, Kyle’s co-host Jackie ‘O’ Henderson remarked. “No one goes into a marriage thinking, ‘Oh, it probably won’t last.”‘

“I think my first wife thought that,” Kyle then admitted.

“Oh, she did, didn’t she?” Jackie responded.

Kyle continued, “Yes, because she brought it up with me the day before, she said ‘I think we’re making a terrible mistake.”‘

“Oh no, and you said it was just wedding jitters,” Jackie said sympathetically.

“I said, ‘It’s too late now. I’ve spent a fortune.’ Anyway, she was right,” Kyle admitted.

He went on to say his “new wedding” to his fiancé Tegan, 37, “will be good”.

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