A woman has been filmed looking particularly uncomfortable after being summonsed onto a stage for her boyfriend to propose to her at a New Year’s Eve party in Hawaii, in a cringe-worthy video that has since gone viral.

The unidentified partygoer’s discomfort was on show for all to see after the music was stopped at the swish roof-top bar.

She stepped towards a raised platform, then stood awkwardly as her partner, whose identity has also not been shared, began to gush while on bended knee.

“I want to say, I’m crazy in love with you. You are the love of my life” he says as the crowd enthusiastically cheer while taking swigs off their cocktails.

The unidentified woman who appears embarrassed by the public display of affection, appears stone-faced as spectators watching the romantic scene unfold hold their cell phones eager to capture the spectacular moment.

“You make me the happiest man in the world. Will you marry me?” as he presented her with a diamond ring.

The woman watched her beau drop to his knees, as he pours his heart out in a gushing monologue in front of all the partygoers as the popular Queen ballad, “Love of my Life,” played in the background.

The young woman stands astonished and silent as the nervous boyfriend waits for her response holding out the sparkling ring with an outstretched arm.

“It’s a simple yes or no,” he says awkwardly after the woman paused.

As the crowd waits for to reply one person who appeared annoyed is overhead saying, “Oh my gosh”.

Seconds later the woman says, “Yes” in an uncertain tone, before kissing her man.

After the exciting moment ended and the couple walked off the stage they were seen allegedly having a lovers spat.

The woman was reportedly mouthing “Why would you do that”?


WAIT UNTIL THE END. That was the most awkward thing I’ve ever witnessed. 💀 #nye #proposal

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The TikTok video went viral after a partygoer captured the unfortunate situation.

Many critiqued the loving gesture claiming that it may have been the “most awkward proposal of all time”.

Some even took it apart rehashing some of the scenes and claiming when it is their turn to walk down the aisle they wouldn’t be onboard with a public display of affection like they just witnessed.

The video has been viewed more than 4 million times.

Image: TikTok

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