Hugh Sheridan has revealed they were married to a well-known entertainer for nine years but the pair opted to keep the relationship a secret.

The 37-year-old actor, who is non-binary and uses they/them pronouns, appeared on Jessica Rowe’s Big Talk Show podcast, and revealed their past relationship.

Hugh did not want to reveal their former partner’s name but said the pair tied the knot on July 11, 2011 and were married for nine years.

“I can’t say their name because they were in the same industry, so. Couldn’t really be specific about that, but I was married,” Hugh said.

“We were solidly together for about seven years and then the last couple of years we were travelling a lot and it got too hard and, but we’re still very good friends.”

Hugh confessed that close family and friends knew about the marriage but they decided to keep it private from the public.

“I was finding out if you don’t speak out about your private life, people can assume that you’re ashamed or that you’ve got some sort of an agenda or that you are denying other people their self expression by not talking about it.”

Hugh and their ex officially got divorced a couple of years ago and revealed they are “very single right now”.

“​​I am definitely single. I can confirm that right now,” Hugh said.

The news comes just months after Hugh announced their split from fiancé Kurt Roberts after just eight months.

In an Instagram post, the actor reminisced about their good times and that it was time to move on.

“In retrospect, having a first public relationship, that public, that fast, might’ve been too much pressure on us,” they wrote.

“Maybe it was COVID or quarantines or us working to (sic) hard (I take the blame for full responsibility for the working hours), maybe it’s dads death or all the above.

“The point is Kurt is incredibly kind, someone who is earnestly caring and helped me through a very tough time.

“Transparency is what I promised you all. For now we didn’t make it, but we tried very, very hard, I’m so sorry for us that it wasn’t easy and I’m sorry for the added pressure.

“Lots learned, the heartache is heavy, but zero regrets for the greatest love.”

Image: Instagram

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