During their recent court appearance, Porsche driver Richard Pusey has made a surprising claim about their gender identity.

The 44-year-old told the Sunshine Magistrates Court that their pronouns are now they/them, and that they identify as non-binary.

Pusey is back in court after allegedly posting an image of a dead police officer to the website of a Melbourne Porsche dealership, and has been charged with two counts of using a telecommunications device to menace and two counts of commit indictable offence on bail.

According to police, the charges stem from two seperate incidents on November 25th and February 7th.

One of the charges allege that the former mortgage broker posted a Google review to the Porsche dealership’s website that included an image of an officer killed in the horrific crash.

Pusey has been remanded in custody ever since he was arrested earlier this month.

When calling in by phone to the Sunshine Magistrates Court on Tuesday, he revealed the update to his gender identity to magistrate Cynthia Lynch.

“Is Mr Pusey on the line?” she asked the court.

“My pronouns are they/them,” Pusey replied.

The accused then asked why they kept getting brought before the courts, citing comments made by the Victoria Police secretary Wayne Gatt.

“Wayne Gatt made a statement saying justice for people like Richard Pusey isn’t done in courts,” Pusey said.

“So where is it done?”

“I’m a bit miffed about why I keep being brought into a courthouse.”

Ms Lynch said, “You’re here for a mention. I can’t assist you with third party comments.”

And when asked whether Pusey wanted to contest the media applications in the matter, they said, “Nah, that’s fine, just make sure I get front page.”

Pusey was sentenced to 10 months jail last year after pleading guilty to the rare charge of outraging public decency for filming the aftermath of the crash.

The notorious Porsche driver was originally jailed for filming four dying police officers after a crash on Melbourne’s Eastern Freeway in 2020.

Image credits: 9 News

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