After appearing in front of the New South Wales Medical Council last week, Dr Charlie Teo has received a verdict for his future practice.

The renowned neurosurgeon has had temporary restrictions imposed on his medical licence following complaints about his work, including a rule requiring Dr Teo to obtain written support from an approved neurosurgeon before performing certain types of surgery.

“If the written statement does not support the practitioner performing the procedure(s) the practitioner cannot recommend or perform the surgery,” the statement on his registration states.

In a statement to the Sydney Morning Herald, Dr Teo said he accepted the direction from the Medical Council to consult with another neurosurgeon on two types of brain surgery, and that he will also have retrospective discussions with a colleague to review outcomes of surgeries.

The council is also allowed to randomly audit Dr Teo’s records.

Sky News host Chris Smith described the decision as a “pile-on” towards Dr Teo that was “out of control and out of proportion”.

“We still have a tendency in this country to bring down tall poppies don’t we,” Mr Smith said.

Dr Teo is known for operating on patients with conditions other neurosurgeons have deemed inoperable, with claims he treated patients whose lives couldn’t be saved being investigated by the emergency panel.

Image: Charlie Teo Foundation / Instagram

This article first appeared on Over60.