A man is yet to be identified after he stripped down to just his underwear and waded through the Pool of Reflection at Sydney’s Anzac Memorial.

The internet caught wind of the man after a Reddit user shared a photo of the man online in the middle of the Memorial pool.

He was spotted in his semi-nude state and posing for a photo in the Hyde Park memorial in Sydney’s CBD.

Reddit user nextspedition posted the photograph for the world to see.


“Congrats on the muscles mate, but how about not doing your photo shoot in the ANZAC pool of reflection? Ya know, like respect?” the post read.

Other Reddit users were quick to slam the man for his actions, as the pool holds significant importance.

It has a symbolic association with Anzac soldiers’ battles in France and Belgium.

“I reckon its some scumbag influencer getting ready for November 11th” one Reddit user suggested.

“Can’t even blame it on tourists because there are none,” another wrote.

The Anzac Memorial pays tribute and gives honour to the service and sacrifice of servicemen, servicewomen, and their families.

“The Anzac Memorial holds a significant historical collection of approximately 6000 objects that tell the personal stories of servicemen and servicewomen, and their families,” reads the Anzac Memorial website.

This article originally appeared on Over60.