The newest member of the Taronga family made her public debut on Thursday: a pygmy hippopotamus calf, also known as a “small watermelon on little, tiny legs” if you’re Zoo director Simon Duffy.

The adorable calf has spent her first two weeks of life in an off-exhibit nursery den, learning to walk and swim with mum Kambiri’s supervision and guidance. But now, just in time for the school holidays, she’s ready to greet the world, and her soon-to-be numerous adoring fans.

Her birth last month was the zoo’s first in four years, and as senior keeper Renae Moss explains, “There’s fewer than 3000 of them left in the wild, so every birth in a zoo is extremely valuable to help bolster that population to ensure that we don’t lose the species all together.”

Watching the calf graduate to the main exhibit was thrilling for Moss, who said the calf was initially hesitant to go into the pool, but eventually took the plunge after a little encouragement from mum.

Moss said, “As the calf masters the art of swimming and becomes more confident in and out of the water, we will begin to increase the depth of the pool and remove some baby proofing.”

Perhaps most importantly, the calf is currently nameless, and zookeepers are appealing to the public to help them find the perfect name for her. Some suggestions include Amara, which means “filled with beauty and grace” and is of West African origin. Other options include Sierra, after the country of Sierra Leone, and Sapo, after the Sapo National Park in Sinoe County, Liberia. All of the names are inspired by places pygmy hippos can be found in the wild.

Members of the public can vote for their favourite name on Taronga’s website, and 20 lucky people will have the chance to win family passes to visit the zoo and see the calf in person.

Image: James D. Morgan/Getty Images

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