Better Homes and Gardens have revealed the six ways shoppers are repurposing a $1.99 product from IKEA.

The Variera plastic bag dispenser is designed to fit inside drawers and cabinets to keep things organised, but customers have shared the creative ways they use it around their homes.



One popular way to use the budget-friendly product is to attach it inside a wardrobe door and then use it to store underwear and socks once they’ve been folded.

For those who struggle to locate wrapping paper around the house, they also recommend storing the roles inside the dispenser.

“You can also hang it inside the closet door for easy storage and access. Use another dispenser to store ribbons. You can poke the ends out of the holes,” they said.

The affordable organiser can also be used to store winter accessories such as gloves, scarves and hats, together.

A clever way to tidy your cleaning products is to hang the dispenser sideways and then hang spray bottles, sponges, brushes and gloves from the holes.

The IKEA product can also fit a rolled yoga mat and kit for someone who wants to organise their exercise gear.

“[You can also] grow a vertical wall of succulents or strawberries with the Variera. Fill it with compost and use it as a planter. Arrange the plants inside the holes,” they said.

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Article created in partnership with Over60.