The coronavirus pandemic has got Australians cleaning around the house more than ever – and now, a shopper has come up with a cleaning hack that could have households save thousands of dollars.

Reddit user A_Cat_Named_Frank advised visiting the cleaning aisle at Bunnings for a $27.44 product which could make up to 300 litres of spray and wipe.

The user pointed out that an equivalent volume of the item – Peerles Jal 5L Active “O” Spray And Wipe Cleaner – could cost a customer $2,700 at Coles or Woolworths.

They used the calculation based on a 500mL bottle of Dettol Healthy Clean Kitchen Spray, which retails for $4.50.


Source: Reddit / u/A_Cat_Named_Frank

The post soon attracted hundreds of comments, with people praising the trick.

“Probably the greatest life hack I’ve seen in ages. Thank you!” one comment read.

“I use this, great product,” another wrote.

“Nice tip! I'm on this one next weekend,” one said.

Another user pointed out that the hack also proved to be more affordable than home brand products. “It’s $1.80 for 750ml of Coles brand multipurpose spray. Which is $405 for 300L.”

This article originally appeared on Over60.