The heartwarming dolls created for children with disabilities

Amy Jandrisevits was a social worker in a paediatric oncology unit when she realised that there was something more to what she was doing. As she often practiced play therapy with the children to assist them in their medical stays, she realised that the dolls looked like the perfect picture of health.

They looked nothing like the children in the hospital. As she noticed a lack of diversity within the children’s toys, she began making custom-made dolls for children who need representation.

Scroll through the gallery to see some of her creations.

By Courtney Allan. Images: A Doll Like Me

Photo credit: A Doll Like Me

The business has taken off, with over 20,000 Facebook likes and people asking for dolls across the world.

Photo credit: A Doll Like Me

As each doll is made with love, custom-made and by hand, the dolls take some time to get made.

Photo credit: A Doll Like Me

“The bigger picture is that we, as adults, do such a disservice to children with regard to representation,” Ms Jandrisevits said.

Photo credit: A Doll Like Me

“It is my heartfelt belief that dolls should look like their owners AND dolls should be available in all colours, genders and body types.”

Photo credit: A Doll Like Me

This article first appeared on Over Sixty.

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