Swearing whilst typing is a part of life. There’s always been one annoying downside for Apple users though.

A certain swear word gets changed to “duck” instead of the word you’re wanting to use.

Since the invention of autocorrect in 2005, it is now an integral feature of every smartphone.

However, that means that a lot of people seem to be facing this problem with being unable to type the right swear words when they want to.

Parks and Recreation star Ben Schwartz has realised a hack.

He shared it with his Twitter followers below.

“When you have had it with spell check turning your curse word into ducking.

“Behold, my new contact that my phone now recognises when I text!”

His fans were pleased and tried it out for themselves.

One user said: “I see a Nobel prize in your future.”

Another user was just as thrilled and said “You just might be the smartest man to ever tweet…”

What Schwartz has so cleverly done is save the swear word as a contact in his phone so that his phone is forced to recognise that it’s a real word – and viola! You are now able to swear properly on your phone.

Are you going to try out this trick? Or are you against swear words? Let us know in the comments.

This article was written in partnership with Over60.