It’s a restaurant chain that boasts famous names such as David Beckham and Ed Sheeran as its patrons.

And now Wagyumafia is ready to expand beyond Asia.

The company, which currently has five restaurants spread across Japan and Hong Kong, has made waves around the world with its selection of Kobe beef cuts.

The most famous dish is the 20,000 yen (AU$270) “sando” Chateaubriand sandwich, which consists of Chateaubriand from Tajima cattle coated in panko breadcrumb mix, complemented with lightly toasted milk bread and special tangy steak sauce made with 20-year aged Kamebishi soy sauce from Kagawa and Fuji vinegar from Kyoto.

There is a reason behind the high price. Today, only pure-blood Tajima cattle bred, raised and slaughtered in Japan’s Hyogo prefecture can be called Kobe beef. Just about 4,500 cattle are certified each year.

Wagyumafia co-founder Hisato Hamada said he buys around 100 full Kobe cattle each year for his business.

Those looking for more affordable options may opt for other cuts at different price points.

Meat enthusiasts in other countries could anticipate more stores opening, as more Wagyumafia outposts are coming. Hamada told CNN that he is looking to open a Manila branch soon and set up four more restaurants around the world, including in the United States.

This article originally appeared on Over60.