While millions of people have a Seniors Discount card or the Senior Savers Card, it can be confusing and overwhelming to figure out just how many perks and savings we can be getting.

All over Australia and New Zealand, thousands of businesses offer serious savings for those who hold a senior discount card, but do you know just HOW many companies there are that want you to get more bang for your buck?

From big brands and national retailers to local businesses and smaller vendors, there are over 36,000 discounts throughout Australia and New Zealand that seniors have the opportunity to tap into quickly and easily.

The key to getting all that you possibly can with your discount card is by using the Senior Cards Discounts App – an application that allows older Australians and New Zealanders to tap into perks and savings across the two nations.

Already the app has helped thousands of seniors find all of the different place where they can use their discount card.

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Whether you are wanting to save on changing a tyre or scrape a few dollars off of your morning coffee, the Senior Cards Discounts App shows you the helpful savings across both everyday items and special purchases.

The new free smartphone app is not just a gamechanger in your local community – it lets users get great deals and discounts wherever they go.

Along with a number of helpful services and products you can save on, there are also gorgeous and adventurous attractions you can get for a reduced price – so your retirement fund can be stretched out just that little bit further.

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Founder Lane Prowd created the Senior Cards Discounts App when he realised just how little his friends and family knew about their discount card.

“They didn’t want to always be referring to a big book, nor did they want to be constantly asking in shops and being told no,” he explained.

“I wanted to make it easier for people to find the discounts all around them.”

The Senior Cards Discounts App has proven to be a helpful tool for Seniors  who believe the new application has created a way for them to take advantage of all the incredible savings around them.

Melbourne-based Sandra Gould says since finding the app, discounts she was not aware of have become accessible to her.

“I’ve used it in cafés, restaurants, and in some of my favourite retail shops that I never even thought about for receiving a discount,” Ms Gould said. “I even discovered my hairdresser offers Seniors Discounts!”

She added: “It’s quite amazing the huge variety of businesses and discount offers that are out there rewarding us seniors.”

Take advantage of your opportunity to live a lifestyle you deserve, for a reduced cost that you have earned.

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Download the Senior Cards Discounts App here.

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