Two Scottish pensioners have been left devastated after their grandchildren stole their life savings from them and refused to pay them back.Crawford Pirrie, 73m and wife Marlene, 75, were heartbroken when their grandchildren, twins Clair and Louise Smith stole $14,000 from them in 2018.

The twins had been trusted with the elderly couple’s debit card to run errands for them after their grandfather had a stroke, but instead, the twins cleaned out their grandparents.

Crawford has said he’s yet to get an apology from the twins and that he’s “ashamed” to be related to them.

The elderly couple tried to get their funds back via a compensation order but were denied by a judge who decided to give a three-month restriction of liberty order.

This means that the twins were fitted with electronic tags for three months as well as being ordered to abide by 7 pm to 7 am curfew for the same period.

“Not only have the twins refused to pay the money they stole from us but they haven’t even said sorry,” Mr Pirrie said.

“They have been acting like they are the victims ever since the court hearing, insisting they haven’t done anything wrong.

“They are creatures of the lowest form and we are ashamed to be related to them.”

The twins confessed to their crimes, but have not given the money back to their grandparents.

Mr Pirrie said that the bank had refused to pay them back as the grandparents gave the twins the debit card willingly.

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This article originally appeared on Over60.