Princess Diana split her fortune right down the middle when it came to her two sons, Harry and William – however the Queen Mother thought very differently.

Then the royal passed away five years after the late Di, Prince Harry inherited a substantially larger amount of his great grandmother’s £14 million ($25 million) fortune than his older brother Prince William.

Considering Prince William is second in line to the throne, Queen Elizabeth’s mother wanted to protect her younger grandson, and guarantee him financial stability in the future.

When Prince Charles becomes King, Prince William will inherit his role as the Prince of Wales meaning he will take over the Duchy of Cornwall and all the private estates that come along with it.

Prince Harry, however, will get nothing, as the second son.

It’s unknown how much exactly Harry inherited but a 2002 report by the BBC claimed that the “bulk” of her £14 million estate went to the Duke of Sussex “since William will benefit financially by becoming king.”

The Queen Mother effectively gave Harry financial compensation to make up for the line of succession.

When the Queen Mother died in 2002, she left her estate (which typically refers to the contents of her homes) to her daughter.

She was an avid art connoisseur as well, and the majority of her vast collection of Monet paintings were donated to the Royal Collection and were put on display at Buckingham Palace.

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