The neighbour of accused Cleo Smith kidnapper, Terence Kelly is so scared of what will happen once police leave the area that he’s packing up and leaving.

Ever since Cleo was found at the home 18 days after she went missing, there has been a strong police presence at the Carnarvon property.

Detectives and forensic officers have been at the Tonkin Crescent house each day, but security guards have also protected the house from vandalism or vigilante attacks while Kelly is in custody and police carry out their work.

Kelly’s neighbour believes once police and security presence stops, the duplex could become the target “revenge” attacks and vandalism.

“The house will be smashed,” he told 7NEWS.

“A lot of people are disappointed and angry about what has happened, so there’s a greater chance that once the police are gone, we expect something will happen.

“100 per cent sure they will come here and smash the house.”

As he was packing up on Thursday, Kelly’s neighbour showed 7NEWS through his property, which is a mirror image of the home next door where Cleo Smith was held captive.

The two bedrooms are positioned away from the common wall, which is hardly sound proofed, with only fibro and a timber frame separating the living rooms of the two properties.

“I find it hard to know that it was right next door to me. It took me a while to absorb it.”

Kelly was described as the perfect neighbour. He didn’t drink, didn’t smoke or take drugs and the two would occasionally chat when taking the bins out. Kelly would keep an eye on his house if he was away.

Kelly’s neighbour has been offered a new place to live in wake of what allegedly happened next door.

Police have stripped Kelly’s home gathering evidence, all but the sleeping bag which still remains missing.

Police tape is set to come down once a final sweep of the home has been done. Those who have become accustomed to street presence have growing fears about what might happen next.

Images: 7NEWS

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