It has been a massive year here at WYZA and we wanted to thank you for your support and wish you all a wonderful festive season, however you choose to celebrate, with those you love.

Michael -farley -wyza -com -au
Michael Farley, WYZA’s Founder

What I want for Christmas: “A GPS golf watch!”
My New Year’s resolution is: “To visit Perth to see my two grandkids Stella and Lexi” 

Prue Mac Sween -wyza -com -au
Prue MacSween, media personality

What I want for Christmas: “I would love to be surprised with a ticket to an island holiday in Fiji – one way!”
My New Year’s resolution is: “My NYE resolution is to spend more time on me and smell the roses a bit more!”

David -Cheok -wyza -com -au
David Cheok, WYZA corporate partnerships

What I want for Christmas: “Other than a new set of golf clubs, I’d be happy with a big hug!” 
My New Year’s resolution is: “Not a big believer in NY resolutions. More of the same that was dished up in 2015. . . as it has been a great year.”

Linsey -bampingwyza -com -au
Linsey Bamping, WYZA’s sales manager

What I want for Christmas: “A beautiful and joy-filled day spent with friends. My mum and dad are gone now so my friends are my family and we will get together and laugh and eat and drink and make merry.”
My New Year’s resolution is: “I recently became GodMother to Sofia Maree who will turn 1 year old in March 2016. And so my resolution is to spend time with her every week where we can read and feed and laugh and bath and just BE with in her life.”

Robyn _Lee -wyza _com _au
Robyn Lee
, WYZA star reader

What I want for Christmas: “Now, what do I want for Christmas?! Oh. . .I know. I’d like two men – one for cooking and one for cleaning! Seriously, I’d love a juicer. There are so many natural remedies out there for all kinds of health related benefits but lots of them require the vegetables and fruits to be juiced. So if Santa’s listening (or any of my family are reading this), you know how to make me very happy.”
My New Year’s resolution is: “I don’t really make New Year’S resolutions but having said that, there is a one I guess could be a resolution. . . never drink bad wine!”

Julie -zaetta -wyza -com -au
Julia Zaetta, Better Homes & Gardens editor-in-chief

What I want for Christmas: “Silly I know but I'd love 2016 to fulfill all the wishes of my son and nieces! A great big fabulous family and friends lunch down at our farm. And maybe a wrapped up gorgeous gift or two as well!”
My New Year’s resolution is: “Find an exciting new home to live. Ride my horses more!”

Pernille -aggerholm -headshot --wyza -com -au
Pernille Aggerholm, WYZA’s digital production manager

What I want for Christmas: “I’m going overseas for two weeks to spend Christmas in Denmark so my wish is to spend quality time with my family and old friends in Denmark. A touch of snow would be lovely as well!”
My New Year’s resolution is: “To keep fit and healthy and cultivate my friendships.”

Bondi -april -2010-renee -brack -wyza -com -au
Renee Brack
presenter and writer

What I want for Christmas: “To pick berries with mum in her little orchard. She grows raspberries, blackberries and three kinds of strawberries. We eat them straight off the bushes and marvel what a wonderful gardner she is. We aren’t big on the consumer-driven gift-giving aspect of Christmas.”

“We treasure little moments that we can talk about for years. Our family has spent every Christmas together since my brother Chris and I were born. Then dad died from dementia-related issues in 2011 so Christmas has not been the same since.

“Then my brother moved to South America and this year, he won’t be with us. It’s not sad, just different. I have a pile of classic movies to watch with Mum, books to read paragraphs from and discuss and recipes to try out on each other. It will be perfect.”

My New Year’s resolution is: “To write my book. To clean-and-green the pantry – work through the food, condiments and products in the pantry and replace them all with non-GMO organic alternatives. And to escape the next polar Sydney winter to visit my brother in South America.”

Kathy -Buchanan -sml -wyza -com -au
Kathy Buchanan, WYZA’s editor

What I want for Christmas: “To spend special time with the most important people in my life.”
My New Year’s resolution is: “To be even happier, live a more simple life, and learn how to use the slow cooker I bought a year ago which is still in the box.”

David -mcgonigal -wyza -com -au
David McGonigal, WYZA’s travel editor

What I want for Christmas: “To put me in the running for the title of WYZA’s greatest nerd, I’m hoping for a new pair of binoculars for Christmas. My work in the polar regions makes them essential equipment: in the Arctic for spotting polar bears and in Antarctica for recognising penguin species and finding whales. The are some remarkable new binoculars available and the Swarovskis have such great clarity and brightness that they are at the top of my wish list.”

My New Year’s resolution is: “I have to go through my 200,000 old slides and pick out the few that are still relevant and scan them so I have them as digital images and ditch the rest. Anyone want to create curtains out of mounted slides? The really old ones are Kodak and the more recent (though that’s relative) are Fuji Velvia.”

Angela -parajo -wyza -com -au
Angela Parajo, WYZA’s junior content producer

What I want for Christmas: “An Olympus PEN E-PL7 camera or a giant box of books to read!”
My New Year’s resolution is: “I don't really do the yearly resolutions because I'll probably forget about it after the first month of the new year. But if I had to make one, it would probably be to exercise more since I love to snack all day.”

5 top tips to help keep a healthy promise

A recent survey discovered that 69% of us are intending to make a New Year’s resolution. What will yours be?

  1. Studies show an average a 25% of us will fulfil our New Year’s resolution.
  2. To help your success rate then consider this useful information. It seems men are more likely to stick to a goal such as “I will exercise for an hour, three times a week for three months, rather than just ‘exercise more’. This also helps women but the big factor for success for females in general is sharing goals with friends and family.
  3. We are 33% more likely to successfully achieve a goal if you simply share it with others.
  4. If we put money on the line to make us accountable we are a whopping 72% more likely to successfully achieve a goal.
  5. Looking for a fantastic new way to help you keep your new year resolutions this year? Register at Promise or Pay, a new charity website helping Aussies keep their New Year's resolutions. Simply register your goal such as “I will exercise for one hour three times weekly.” If you don’t meet your goal then make a registered donation to your chosen charity.

What's on your wish list? Do you have a new year's resolution?