We know that grandparents understand that drive to be involved in their grandchildren’s lives all too well: You watch them grow up, attend their sports days and music concerts, and when you find out they’re struggling at school, it’s easy to feel helpless and concerned but there is something you can do to help.

There is a way you can help them get the support they need. 

Cluey Learning is Australia’s leading online tutoring service that specialises in helping students in years 2 to 12 catch up, keep up or excel at school.

We start by matching your grandchild with one of our expert, hand-selected tutors, and once the connection is made, your grandchild can get the help they need, safely online, from the comfort of home.

Why matching matters 

Cluey’s approach to learning focuses on the needs of each individual learner, which is in contrast to the traditional classroom model we all know. With 20+ students in each class, teachers cannot possibly give each child the individual attention they need to thrive and sometimes the pace of learning in the classroom can mean children fall behind or become disengaged because they aren’t being challenged.

Cluey Learning matches each student to a tutor that is right for them, to help them learn and grow at their own pace.

How tutoring can help 

When you choose the right program, tutoring can serve to build confidence, increase test scores and instil a love of learning in your grandchild that will stay with them for life. More benefits to tutoring include:

  1. Offers personalised attention
  2. Helps students become independent learners (learning to learn)
  3. Helps gifted children excel
  4. Fills learning gaps
  5. Gives children the freedom to ask ‘silly’ questions away from their peers
  6. Prepares students for exams (NAPLAN, HSC, entrance exams)
  7. Can be tailored to a range of needs
  8. Increases engagement in school
  9. Improves study habits
  10. Gives students access to a learning partner who isn’t their parent and isn’t their teacher.

Why Cluey Learning?  

  • Tutors are knowledgeable, experienced teachers or top ATAR achievers who are put through a rigorous application process so only the top tutors make the cut.
  • They are all vetted, have WWC (working with children) checks, and backed by highly qualified Faculty Leaders.
  • Each session is mapped to the Australian National Curriculum, and designed to mirror what they learn in class so you know your grandkids are learning what they need to know.
  • It’s online and it’s safe, with no reason to fear for your grandchild’s safety.


“I enrolled my granddaughter last year for Cluey tutoring, still receiving it. Happy to report she earned 100% in one of her tutored subjects” – Lee M. 

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This is a sponsored article produced in partnership with Cluey Learning.