A video of a confused Sydney driver and a bizarre parking sign has gone viral on Tiktok, with many sharing his bemusement.

Mark McLachlan uploaded the clip after spotting something was off about the sign last week.

Erected next to a strip of street parking bays, the sign featured a “no parking” symbol and seemingly contradictory words: “motor vehicles excepted”.

In the clip, he switched between the sign and himself looking at it with utter confusion several times.

The humorous video saw hundreds of 122,000 viewers joining in on the fun in the comments.

“So you can park there as long as you don’t park there,” one person jokingly suggested.

“No parking? But yes parking?” another queried.

Others pointed out the sign was referring to trailers, boats, horse floats, and caravans being prohibited in the parking bays.

“I think they’re trying to tell you not to park motorhomes and trailers, but truly I cannot be 100 percent sure,” one wrote.

Many others simply appreciated Mr McLachlan’s take on the situation.

“You captured the essence perfectly in this video, I felt every part of the confusion,” one said.

Tiktok: marcmclachlan1 / Tiktok