When did you last make time to breathe? We mean really fill your lungs up, let it all out and find time to just be still and present in the moment. Sadly, in this modern age, even the most intrinsic parts of us are taking a back seat.

We can become so overwhelmed and focussed on our finances, our material possessions and even our ‘screen lives’ that we forget about our own health and wellbeing. We feel guilty, selfish even, for sparing ourselves a moment here and there to savour experiences and indulge in mindfulness.

Too often, embracing moments of stillness, ‘being’ instead of ‘doing’ – staying an extra few minutes in bed in the morning or continuing onto the next chapter of an enticing novel – is perceived as laziness.

This myth needs to be dispelled, and making time for yourself should no longer be seen as a guilty pleasure, but rather an essential part of your daily existence. Enjoying the bliss of simply being should be made a priority in your life.

For some of us, practising mindfulness may be harder than it sounds! Breathe Magazine Australia is a new bi-monthly lifestyle and health magazine brimming with thoughtful content on wellbeing, living, mindfulness, creativity and escaping.

An antidote to digital dominance, Breathe Magazine is the body-and-soul guide to a happier and healthier you – one that lives more intentionally and creatively. Rich with practical advice and activities to assist you on your journey to a more mindful you, the publication’s main message is as delightfully simple as it sounds – ‘make time for yourself’. 

Who needs to make more time for themselves?
While we should all be locking in daily moments of quiet and stillness, there are a few key candidates who need to make the move towards mindfulness an absolute imperative for their improved health and wellbeing. It’s not just high-flying corporate workers that are feeling frazzled, part-time workers transitioning into retirement are worried about their financial futures.

With rising day care costs, many older Australians are caring for their grandchildren and the needs of their own children, but aren’t implementing self-care. Ultimately, you know you need to make more time for yourself if you…

  • Check your emails or switch on the television before you say good morning to your partner
  • Are living in clutter – your home, car and spaces you exist in for extended periods of time are far from organised or tidy
  • Find yourself stressed and depleted before you’ve even started your day
  • Are constantly multitasking rather than dedicating your full attention to a single task
  • Find it hard to sleep, and rarely get 7-9 hours a night
  • Are constantly on autopilot – sometimes you don’t even remember driving from one place to another
  • Can’t list at least a few creative and physical outlets you enjoy

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Switching off and being more mindful could help your overall wellbeing

How to make more time for yourselves according to Breathe
Taking small steps to introducing mindfulness into your day can be the best way to maintaining your inner peace and a renewed sense of calm. Here are some simple ways to get into mindful mode:

  • Wake up earlier – give yourself a bit of time before your day begins to stop and breathe deeply, take a walk or enjoy your morning coffee
  • Be kind to yourself and others – practising kindfulness has incredible psychological benefits and is great for our physical health, plus you’ll find it attracts other like-minded and happy people
  • Get active – not just physically; secure some quiet time and space to do mindful activities such as crossword puzzles
  • Embrace imperfection – what makes us unique is what makes us special so rather than waste time obsessing on insecurities, fill your time with self-love
  • Put your fears in their place – worrying won’t help a situation, so give the issue at hand a few short moments of mental energy before setting it aside and continuing your day
  • Go offline – enough said; enjoy a copy of Breathe Magazine instead and fill your mind with some soothing quality of life advice
  • Listen deeplyreally listen to what someone is saying and give them your attention and consideration
  • Be open to the good – these include small experiences that make you feel good – such as a smile from a friend or the feeling of stretching your body after long periods of sitting

In Issue 3 of Breathe, awaken your creativity. You’ll discover pages lovingly sprinkled with suggestions on how to craft a home space for contemplation, and ways to calm the chaos that often comes with having a creative mind.

Expand your hobby horizons by learning the art of candle-making, book sculpting and even beekeeping.

As always, Breathe encourage you to make time for yourself and unwind with beautifully rounded wellbeing reads. You’ll discover the power of silence, how to savour the small things, and even the power of deep breathing.

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When did you last take time to breathe?

Escape into this issue of Breathe and be inspired by passionate go-getters – from Wildlife Photographer of the year Tim Laman to wonder woman Gaynor Leeper, who courageously left her successful corporate job in London to live and work in the Arctic with 40 Alaskan Huskies.

Breathe’s resident yogi, Madison White, will enlighten you with her brave story of how a frightening health battle led her down a path of self-discovery. Plus, meet three vegetarian chefs who were happy to serve up their unique culinary career journeys.

Breathe’s third issue has everything you need to navigate your way to a more mindful and connected self. Be inspired by the stories of real people. Motivate yourself to try new and wonderful things. Live well and be kind to yourself and others. And most importantly, don’t forget to breathe.

Issue 3 of Breathe Magazine is on sale now at participating newsagents, Woolworths and online.

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