Johnny Depp has concluded his testimony in the defamation trial he has launched against his ex-wife Amber Heard after being on the stand for four days, as reported by 7News.

Depp is suing Heard for $50 million for defamation over a 2018 op-ed she wrote for The Washington Post in which she describes herself as a “public figure representing domestic abuse”.

Although Depp wasn’t named, he claims the article cost him lucrative acting work.

Both he and Heard have also accused each other of acts of violence during their relationship, which lasted from 2015 to August 2016, when they settled their divorce.

The final day of his testimony saw Depp come under cross-examination by Heard’s attorney, Ben Rottenborn.

When asked about audio recordings of arguments between him and Heard and whether she was the only one who had a problem with his drinking, Depp answered: “Sir, if anyone had a problem with my drinking, at any time in my life, it was me.”

“The only person I’ve abused in my life is myself.”

Remaining on the stand for redirect examination from his attorney, Jessica Meyers, Depp explained some of the text messages introduced as evidence by Heard’s attorney were meant to be “irreverent” or references to Monty Python movies and that he often handles “difficult” situations with humour.

Some of his fans had to be warned by Judge Penney Azcarate to contain their laughter in the courtroom when Depp admitted he had trouble remembering some of the movies he starred in.

He was asked to name films he appeared in besides the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise and faltered after quickly naming Alice in Wonderland.

“I’m so pathetic when it comes to knowing what movies I’ve done,” Depp said.

“I’m sorry. I just, I don’t watch them. I feel better not watching them. What was the question again?”

When his response prompted laughter in the courtroom, Judge Azcarate issued a warning.

“Order in the court or I will have you removed. Understood? Thank you,” she said.

Before the trial commenced, Judge Azcarate ordered that Depp and Heard were not allowed to pose for photos or sign autographs outside the Virginia courtroom, as reported by People.

She also ordered that fans weren’t allowed to camp overnight outside and that spectators in the courtroom must “dress in a manner consistent with the decorum of a judicial proceeding”.

“Audible comments of any kind during the court proceedings or provocative or uncivil behaviour within the courtroom or courthouse will not be tolerated,” a court document read.

“There shall be no gestures, facial expressions, or the like, suggesting approval or disapproval during the proceedings.

“Anyone violating this Order will be expelled immediately from the courtroom and will not be able to return during the pendency of the trial.”

When Meyers played a 2016 recording of a conversation between Heard and Depp where Heard expressed concern about her reputation after reports of abuse in their relationship emerged, Meyers asked how Depp responded.

“What did you say in response when Ms Heard said, ‘Tell the world, Johnny. Tell them, Johnny Depp, I, Johnny Depp, a man, I’m a victim too, of domestic violence’?” Meyers asked.

“I said, ‘Yes, I am’,” he responded.

The trial, which has been live streamed on YouTube, began on April 11 and is expected to last for six weeks, with Heard yet to testify.

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