For those of you who have sent a private message to the wrong person and wished for there to be a way to unsend it, you’re not alone. Facebook has listened to its users and added an ‘unsend’ feature to Messenger. 

The Verge has reported that if you have the latest version of Messenger for iOs (Apple) and Android, you will be able to delete messages that you were never meant to send. However, you only have 10 minutes to do so after sending the first message, otherwise the feature doesn’t work.

The added feature comes after users demanded to have it implemented after seeing CEO Mark Zuckerberg being able to delete a message after sending it out. The feature was originally only for “higher ups” within Facebook, but after multiple sources noted that messages that they received from the CEO had disappeared, that was when news of the ‘unsend’ feature came to light.

It took Facebook nine months to implement the ‘unsend’ feature for all users, but it’s finally here. Facebook also said that it would limit Zuckerberg’s use of the feature until everyone was able to use it.


Source: The Verge

How to use the feature 

  1. Press and hold on the message you want to delete. Note: Must be done within 10 minutes of sending the first message.
  2. Tap ‘Remove’ when Messenger displays the ‘Copy’, ‘Forward’ etc section.
  3. You can then choose whether you want to remove for everyone and remove for you. If you choose ‘Remove for everyone, the people in the chat will be notified that you have removed the message.
  4. Choose your option and then click on ‘Remove’.
  5. It will show that you have removed a message in Messenger.