When Sunrise host of 21 years David ‘Kochie’ Koch announced that he would be parting ways with the popular breakfast TV show, it should have been safe to assume that that was the only shock in store for viewers.

However, Kochie had other ideas, making a bold – and generous – move, all while hinting that there was plenty more in store for his final two weeks at the helm with co-host Natalie Barr.

The two were running the segment known as Bill Barrel when things took a turn, with Kochie explaining how “the rising cost of living is putting pressure on Aussies right across the country”, and how the team over at Sunrise wanted to offer relief and support where they could.

“So,” Natalie added, “we are paying your bills.”

The pair proceeded to spin the barrel, before pulling out a sheet of paper with the name of their lucky recipient – Melanie Turner from Brisbane.

They were quick to get a delighted Melanie on the phone, and Kochie was all too eager to declare “congratulations, you’re this morning’s Bill Barrel winner!”

Melanie, of course, thanked them for the happy surprise, before Natalie asked just what it was that she needed to pay off.

“It’s my car rego,” Melanie said, “[it’s] due today, as a matter of fact.”

She then revealed that her bill came to a total of $520 – an amount she was immensely grateful to be receiving.

But that wasn’t the end of Melanie’s good fortune, with Natalie sharing “we’re feeling generous. Kochie’s feeling generous. He’s giving away cash today. We’re going to give you $1500 to help with that.”

The $1500 should have been the most Melanie could take home to help with her bill, as the competition’s own terms and conditions list the sum as the “total maximum prize value”, but fate – or one rogue TV presenter – had more in store.

Before Melanie had a chance to properly celebrate, Kochie cut in, declaring “I’ve only got two weeks to go. I’m going rogue. We’re going to do three grand.”

As laughter broke out across the studio, and Melanie struggled to find the words, Kochie reiterated the prize, assuring Natalie that he was sure – even as she noted that she had “someone in my ear”.

“I’m going to go rogue every day,” he continued, “for the next two weeks.”

Images: Sunrise / Seven

This article first appeared on Over60.