As the internet banded together to create memes and art out of Scott Morrison’s secret ministerial roles, the former PM thought he would join in the fun.

After the news broke of ScoMo secretly appointing himself to at least five ministries without the public’s knowledge while he was prime minister, businesses, artists, journalists, and internet fiends alike started rolling out the memes of Morrison working different roles.

But the barrage of sarcasm came to a screeching halt on Thursday night, when the opposition backbencher joined in.

The Member for Cook’s official Facebook page went on a commenting spree, replying to more than a dozen memes from Aussie companies welcoming him to their team.

“It’s been fun joining in on all the memes. But there are so many now I can’t keep up,” Morrison said, in a post accompanying his own attempt at a meme.

“As Aussies we can always have a chuckle at ourselves. Have a good evening.”

“This was my own effort with the Sooshi Mango boys. Glad to be also joining their team, along with all the other gigs you guys have given me today.”

The former PM gleefully responded to Photoshopped posts showing him tiling, concreting, moving a piano and even modelling a new range of fetching women’s sun shirts.

Some commenters praised Morrison’s tongue in cheek reaction, thanking him for a “few good chuckles” but others were not so complimentary.

“You think the running of this country is a joke,” one user wrote.

“Have some humility and say you made a mistake. We don’t need US-style gloating about how badly you behaved in office.”

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has launched an investigation into how Morrison was able to take on extra portfolios in secret during his time in the top job, describing the moves as “beyond belief”.

Image credits: Facebook

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