Kochie has jokingly threatened to never have a guest on the breakfast show again after being ‘sledged’ over his salary.

The Sunrise co-host was speaking to Carsales Editor-in-Chief Mike Sinclair on Thursday morning when the funny moment went down.

Sinclair were showcasing a Kia Sportage after the vehicle was named the car website’s best mid-size SUV for 2022, when he took a crack at the well paid tv presenter.

“What are they asking for it?,” Kochie asked, before receiving the eyebrow-raising response.

“The Sportage range starts just under $40,000 and this one, which is the top of the range called the GT Line, this one is I think about $53,000.

“So Kochie, I think somebody of your abilities, with your inflated pay packet, I’m sure you could afford it,” he teased.

The stunned Sunrise star responded by firing back: “Oh, OK mate. I prefer the MG actually, that’s way better value.”

‘What? He was sledging me, so I’m going to sledge him back,” he told colleagues Natalie Barr and Mark Beretta as they burst into laughter.

Images: Sunrise

This article first appeared on OverSixty.