A Gold Coast mum has shared a genius $9 Kmart hack for dealing with the nationwide plastic bag ban in supermarkets.

Mum-of six Joelle Skinner believes she’s come up with a simple solution so shoppers are never caught out again – and it will cost you just $9.

The Kmart cross-body bag is a “super compact, super cute way to solve the reusable bag dilemma”, she writes.

Joelle, 36, who shares her 'life and parenting hacks' on her page Jedi Mum Tricks, wrote: “I found this little bag at Kmart for $9 and the reusable bags were from Woolworths at 99c each.”

The thrifty mum said she could easily fit 12 reusable carriers in the cross-body bag which is small enough to fit in a nappy bag.

The bag also has zippers both inside and outside to store your wallet and phone.

Skinner went on to praise the Woolworth reusable bags for being sturdy, well-sized and simple to fold.

One of her fans echoed Joelle’s praise, writing she “loves those woollies bags, mine are almost 10 years old and still going strong”.

Joelle loves sharing her home hacks, telling Daily Mail Australia that she finds it to be energising.

“Using the creative part of my brain and seeing problems and solving them with hacks makes me feel so good,” she said.

“Some people make time for going to the gym for the same reasons, this is what I make time for!”