Furious debate has erupted after a shop owner took aim at Gen Z workers in a brutal sign blaming them for their business having to close.

The obviously frustrated owner shared in great detail why a pair of young former employees were the reason the doors had to close.

“I apologise for us closing AGAIN,” the sign, erected on the front window of a store in Indiana, USA, on April the 20th, read.

“My two new cashiers quit because I said their boyfriends couldn’t stand here for their entire shift.”

They went further to include some questionable hiring advice for other business owners, telling them: “Don’t hire Gen Zs, they don’t know what work actually means”.

Underneath, they announced the store was “now hiring”, but specified it would be employing “Baby Boomers only thanks”.

The sign sparked backlash online, after it had been shared around online.

With Hundreds of people responding in comments to the post, after it had attracted over 5000 reactions and had been shared over 300 times, some agreed Boomers made better workers than their younger counterparts, but others argued it was unfair to age discriminate.

“A lot of the older people I’ve worked with refuse to do anything physically demanding due to having a ‘bad this’ and ‘my this hurts’ and if asked to do so they will whine and complain,” one wrote.

“That’s a pretty awful and ageist sign. I’m pretty young and I work 48 hours a week and never sit once while I’m on the clock. There are people who are young and hard working,” another said.

Most respondents agreed that regardless of whether a certain generation had better workers, openly discriminating against Gen Zs was the wrong way to go.

“I’m a boomer and I wouldn’t want to work at a place that excludes people because of their youth. Good workers can offer service with vitality and enthusiasm at any age,” one person wrote.

Others agree the sign hadn’t done the store owner any publicity favours.

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