Prince Charles has been relentlessly mocked online for a comment made in a speech at British parliament.

The speech was originally meant to be delivered by his mother Queen Elizabeth, who was forced to pull out of yet another key public engagement due to health reasons.

As snippets of the speech circulated online, the future king was mocked as he promised the government would aim to “ease the cost of living for families” – all while he sat on a golden, jewel-encrusted throne inside the ornate House of Lords.

Many online couldn’t resist a few digs at the Prince over the stark contrast between his speech and his setting.

“Her Majesty’s Government’s priority is to grow and strengthen the economy and help ease the cost of living for families,” Charles said in the speech.

“Her Majesty’s Government will level up opportunity in all parts of the country and support more people into work.”

The Queen’s speech to parliament is traditionally penned by the government and is used to outline the Prime Minister’s plans for the country, meaning Charles would have had no actual input in the content of the speech.

The Prime Minister’s office was later forced to defend the speech amid criticism that it did not outline any specific measures to alleviate the cost of living crisis in Britain.

“The public understand that we’ve already acted to address some of the immediate challenges facing the public.

“The Prime Minister and the Chancellor are very upfront that no government could address all of these global pressures that we’re seeing,” the Prime Minister’s official spokesman told The Sun.

“The Queen’s speech, the bills we’re bringing forward, focus on boosting economic growth across the country to create the conditions for more people to have high-wage, high-skilled jobs, so dealing with the medium to long-term issues, that’s what is a sustainable solution to ease the burden of families and businesses.”

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