Tim Watson-Munro, one of Australia’s leading criminal psychologists, claimed on Sunrise that Sydney conwoman Melissa Caddick was “more likely” to have been murdered.

Caddick, 49, was last seen in her home in Sydney in November but a decomposing foot that was washed up on the NSW coast has been found to be hers.

Investigators believe that Caddick might have jumped off the notorious suicide spot known as “The Gap” as her scheme was uncovered by the Australian Federal Police.

However, Watson-Munro has determined that suicide “is possible, but the least likely option” after reviewing the case.

“She’s clearly a narcissist, clearly somebody who has no remorse, psychopathic in terms of manipulation of others and so on, so I think she would have had a plan-b,” he said

“It’s more likely that she was murdered than she killed herself.”

The criminal psychologist suggested Caddick could have been “killed by people who knew her or somebody was standing over her to get the money.”

“I think it could be a victim of her scam, it could be somebody who maybe wanted the money or somebody who is co-accused.”

“There is a lot of money that is unaccounted for,” he pointed out.

Caddick is alleged to have defrauded 60 investors, many of who were close friends, out of their entire life savings to the amount of more than $25 million.

“Although it’s not totally impossible that she would have floated all that way over three months, I think it’s highly improbable and more likely that she was killed more closely to where the shoe was found,” he explained.

“It’s quite possible that she was killed and other people have the money.”

NSW Police Assistant Commissioner Mick Willing said that foul play against Caddick was possible, but suicide was more likely.

Hero photo credit: NSW Police

This article originally appeared on Over60.