Perhaps you’re already knee deep in retirement, or maybe it’s just approaching you. These are the years you have waited long for and worked tirelessly towards, so you may as well enjoy it. However, there are factors we must consider other than the state of your bank account when we think about retirement.

Be considerate of your health, and ways to maintain a balanced and active lifestyle mentally as it is extremely important during retirement.

Try out these five tips to keep a healthy mindset so you may fully enjoy your golden years.

1. Think about your family situation

Think about how much time you realistically want to dedicate to your family. Do you have adult children nearby or grandchildren who you would like to spend time with? Looking for ways to reconnect and keep your mind active while in retirement is a far healthier way to spend your golden years.

2. Consider the dynamics of your home life

How will retirement impact your relationships at home? Are you the only one retiring? Is your partner a homemaker while you’re keen for an adventurous retirement? What expectations are expected to change once the dynamic between you and your partner change?

3. Diversify your social circle

As you age, the inevitable experience of losing your loved ones occur. As much as we may hate to expand our social circle after losing people who mean so much – it is important to develop friendships with people to maintain a healthy social life and get fresher perspectives.

4. Consider community activities and volunteer opportunities

If you’re unsure what to do while in retirement and have downtime between visiting family, friends and travelling, then look for things to do in your community. Libraries, religious organisations, community centres and charities are all places you can look to if you’re wanting to get involved and meet new people.

5. Is relocation on the books?

Life is, as we all know, extremely short. Is moving on from the community you have lived with for years and possibly decades, a decision you’d consider making for a fresher and newer lifestyle? With a little planning (beyond your finances) you can enjoy an active and engaging retirement that will keep you mentally and physically healthy for years to come.

What are some of your healthy retirement tips? Let us know in the comments below.


This article was written in partnership with Over60.