Alan Jones has made a surprising assessment of Labor leader Anthony Albanese and which way the upcoming election could go as he prepares to return to the airwaves via his resurrected digital TV show.

The controversial broadcaster spoke to The Sydney Morning Herald ahead of the relaunch of his digital show, Alan Jones, following his recovery from 28 hours of surgery on his back across four operations this year.

He told the publication that the contest between Mr Albanese and Scott Morrison has been “so campaign virtually of nothing” so far but that voters aren’t listening to Mr Morrison anymore.

“He’s a very good campaigner, Morrison, and he can learn a script and he can nail the issues. The question is: are people listening?” the former Sky News host said.

Having been relatively unknown to voters and given a go at the last election, Jones said Mr Morrison’s stint as Prime Minister has made him more well-known – and not in a favourable way.

“Now there are many people saying, ‘Well, we do know him, and we’re a little concerned about what we know’.”

As for Mr Albanese, Mr Jones said Labor hadn’t put its best foot forward by choosing him.

“Albo’s Albo. Nice bloke to meet at the pub, but you can’t quite imagine him being your international representative,” the 81-year-old told the publication.

But, he added that Mr Albanese does resonate with those “who’ve got no money in the till” when he “talks all this compassion stuff” and touches on issues of aged care, cost of living, and childcare.

“It’s nice to write headlines about Albanese messing up, not knowing the unemployment figures and missing the gotcha questions,” he continued.

“But it does appear that many people have made up their minds because the needle isn’t moving.”

Image: Alan Jones (Facebook)

This article first appeared on OverSixty.