Di Kershaw, a longtime star of Gogglebox Australia, has died after a short bout of illness.

Entertainment reporter Peter Ford broke the news of Kershaw’s passing on 3AW on Monday morning, describing her as a “great talent”.

“She’s been sick sadly for a couple of months now, so condolences to Mick and the entire family,” Ford said.

“She was great talent – the producers struck gold when they found her.”

The 76-year-old had been on the show since season one with Mick, her husband of more than 50 years, and had become one of the show’s best-loved personalities, known for her quips and fondness of white wine.

Even other Gogglebox stars weren’t spared from being the subjects of her honest opinion, including former castmate Angie Kent, who Kershaw watched appear on various other reality TV shows following her departure from Gogglebox.

“She was on Gogglebox, then went to the jungle, then she became the Bachelorette, and now she’s a dancing star… Spare me. She’s no dancer, that’s for sure,” Kershaw quipped.

Offscreen, Kershaw and her husband were Indigenous art dealers, with her long standing service to the visual arts was recognised in 2020 when she received an Order of Australia.

The pair appeared on every season of the show with the only exception being during the 11th season back in 2020, with the couple deciding to self-isolate inside their Sydney home instead.

“This is a very, very crazy world that we live in and actually I did suggest we should have a new TV show called Survivor: In The Home,” Kershaw said in their announcement to fans.

But their absence was brief, with the couple returning in the following season.

According to the pair’s Gogglebox bio, Di and Mick were in wildly different industries before they began their 30-year pursuit of their passion for art.

“Di, a former model, convinced Mick to give up his high-flying career as an advertising executive in order to follow their passion for art. They opened their own art gallery and dealership and 30-years later, the business is still going strong,” it reads.

She is survived by two children who she shares with Mick.

Image: Foxtel

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