Talk show host Ben Fordham has described Senato Lidia Thorpe as the “most toxic politician in Canberra” after she blasted Scott Morrison for his Stolen Generations speech in parliament.

When the Prime Minister said “the hardest [word] is I forgive you” when referring to the national apology to the Stolen Generations, Senator Thorpe said Scott Morrison had shown “outright disrespect” to the Indigenous children who were removed from their families.

Writing on Twitter, the Greens senator said, “This is outright disrespect to all those effected by Stolen Generations in this country. How dare you ask for forgiveness when you still perpetrate racist policies and systems that continue to steal our babies.”

In response to Lidia’s statement, Fordham labelled her a “lunatic”, saying “she doesn’t belong” in parliament.

He said, “Senator Thorpe is possibly the most toxic politician in Canberra, and that’s saying something.”

“Her conduct is embarrassing. She entered office in 2020 and ever since she’s had an appetite for destruction.”

Fordham went on to call Senator Thorpe a “fruit cake” and “unhinged” over previous instances of political passion in the Senate.

The PM’s “apology” was condemned by Indigenous Australians, as The First Peoples’ Assembly of Victoria slammed the speech, releasing an official response containing only the four words: “Get in the bin.”

Image credits: Twitter @ben_fordham9 @senatorthorpe

This article first appeared on OverSixty.