A mother has been left fuming after her son with autism was bashed by a group of people at a local shopping centre.

Horrific CCTV shows the 14-year-old boy cornered by the group of attackers before being thrown onto the ground at CS Square Shopping Centre in Caroline Springs, Melbourne on Tuesday.

The boy’s mother claims her son was asked whether he knew someone called “Harry” before he was set upon.

“He was just like a rag doll that was just thrown and kicked about. They have viciously grabbed him and violently assaulted him,” she told 7News.

“They stomped all over his head. He’s got bruising, quite a bruise to his eye, scratches where they grabbed around his neck as well. Stomped on his shoulder.

“He was quite distraught and distressed, crying and screaming.”

A security guard arrived after the incident occurred with arrests yet to be made for the vicious assault.

The mother said she wants justice for her son.

Image: 7News

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