Comments from Channel 7 newsreaders Mike Amor and Rebecca Maddern slamming Novak Djokovic have emerged, after footage of an off-air exchange in the studio was leaked online.

The clip shows the Melbourne-based presenters talking about Djokovic’s bid to stay in the country and compete in the Australian Open, calling him an “a***hole” and accusing him of faking his border entry forms.

“Whatever way you look at it, Novak Djokovic is a lying, sneaky a**hole,” Maddern told her co-host. “It’s unfortunate that everybody else stuffed up around him.

“To go out when you know you’re Covid-positive – well, I don’t think he was even Covid-positive…”

Amor also called the world No.1 an “a**hole”, adding: “You’ve got a bulls**t f***ing excuse and then he fell over his own f***ing lies, which is what happens right? That’s what happened.”

Maddern questioned the truth behind Djokovic’s recent travel movements which he included in his Australian Travel Declaration form, while Amor said: “I think he’s going to get away with it”.

Off-air footage has emerged of newsreaders Mike Amor and Rebecca Maddern hitting out at Novak Djokovic and his visa troubles. Image: Twitter

“I think most fair-minded people would say, ‘This bloke’s an a**hole’. Did they do the right thing by him? I don’t know. They f***ed up. That’s the problem, isn’t it,” he said.

“The fact is life is never fair. Some people fly first class… it’s never fair,” Maddern added.

The presenters’ comments come as the tennis champion continues to be investigated by Border Force officials to determine whether he lied on his entry form.

Some have suggested Djokovic incorrectly answered a question asking whether he had travelled in the 14 days prior to flying to Australia, with social media posts emerging accusing him of being in Serbia for Christmas before flying to Spain to prepare for the year’s first grand slam.

Although the decision to cancel Djokovic’s visa was overturned in the Federal Circuit Court on Monday, there is still the possibility Djokovic could be forced to leave Australia.

Immigration Minister Alex Hawke – who has personal power to cancel Djokovic’s visa – has confirmed he is considering whether to do so or not.

“In line with due process, Minister Hawke will thoroughly consider the matter,” Mr Hawke’s office said on Tuesday.

Image: Twitter

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