Dr Charlie Teo has spoken out after meeting with the New South Wales Medical Council about his future.

The well-regarded neurosurgeon has issued a press release, in which he was directs members of the board to speak with his colleagues about his controversial practices.

In the statement from “Professor Dr. Charles Teo”, he said that “before directing the Medical Board to consult with another neurosurgeon on two rare types of surgery and would also have retrospective discussions with a colleague to review the results.”

His statement also claimed that the Medical Council had “concurred” over the last few months that Dr. Teo “placed an advanced set of office procedures, which is expected to become a standard of good management practice for surgeons.”

The NSW Medical Council board and the Health Care Complaints Commission (HCCC) were forced to take action after allegations came forward against the respected surgeon.

The council heard a number of complaints against Dr. Teo regarding his methods of treating patients with inoperable conditions.

The board has the ability to suspend Dr Teo from practicing immediately, or impose conditions on his practice, as they consider whether he operated on people whose lives couldn’t be saved, what he told them, and what kind of informed consent he obtained from them.

No conditions have been placed on Dr. Teo’s medical registration yet, as the Medical Council will deliberate their decision.

In his statement, Dr. Teo said he believed his treatment of patients “with rare and extremely complex brain cancers” have always been in line with global standards of care. The neurosurgeon said he would “welcome more transparency in his office procedures.”

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