The father of two brothers behind a deadly ambush that killed two police officers and a neighbour has spoken with police as new details emerge.

Nathaniel and Gareth Train, aged 46 and 47 respectively died in a shoot out against police at Gareth’s home in Queensland’s Western Downs on Monday night.

The bloody confrontation also claimed the lives of constables Matthew Arnold, 26, and Rachel McCrow, 29, and their 58-year-old neighbour Alan Dare.

The offenders had opened fire on police after they watched them arrive on the property through security cameras.

On Tuesday, the Train brothers’ father Ronald Train, a retired pastor and author, was tight-lipped over the devastating gunfight.

“I am not going to share anything with you, you can speculate and make up as much as you want,” he told The Courier-Mail.

“I have lost two children.”

“I have already had conversations with police.”

It comes as new details have emerged about the Train brothers, as it has been discovered that Gareth regularly contributed to online forums rife with conspiracy theories and anti-authoritarian ideas.

In one post, that appears to have been removed, Gareth said the Port Arthur massacre in 1996 had been an operation to “disarm the Australian population”.

“Martin (Bryant) was the perfect patsy. The Australian government is guilty of mass murder, it’s not the first time and won’t be the last. Joint operation CIA, MI6, Mossad, ASIO and the Australian SASR,” he wrote in a post.

In another post on alternative news site Cairns News, Gareth seemed to refer to the COVID vaccine as a “neurological bio-weapon”.

“The majority of Australians are still deaf, dumb and blind having now injected themselves with a neurological bio-weapon which will soon be fully activated for total control and monitoring, if they don’t drop dead,” he wrote.

He also wrote about police attending his property in the past.

“I have directed law enforcement to leave my premises over the last 20yrs, having no reason or grounds and at times have also asked them to remove their hands from their weapons or pull their pistols and whistle Dixie,” he wrote in a post on Citizens Initiated Referendums, the Courier Mail reports.

“Fortunately for me they have all been cowards. Our country is at a point where even cowards are now dangerous because they are unpredictable in groups, turn your back and you may find yourself out cold on the floor with law enforcement dancing on your head.”

Image credits: Facebook / 7News

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