Radio host Kyle Sandilands has walked off his own show after going on a fiery 12-minute tirade on Wednesday’s instalment of The Kyle and Jackie O Show.

The controversial shock jock lost his temper shortly after 6am after he, Jackie ‘O’ Henderson and newsreader Brooklyn Ross discussed leaked texts between former NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian and another Liberal minister.

The messages were reportedly leaked to Network Ten political editor Peter van Onselen, who questioned Prime Minister Scott Morrison about their contents at Tuesday’s National Press Club.

“In one, she (Berejiklian) described you as a horrible, horrible person, going on to say she did not trust you, and you are more concerned with politics than people,” van Onselen said.

“The minister is even more scathing, describing you as a fraud and ‘a complete psycho’.”

Sandilands, who is friends with Ms Berejiklian, shared his anger at Henderson and Ross for giving airtime to the story which he claimed was “not real news”.

“This is the biggest news in Australia, and it’s all over nothing,” he began his rant.

“So what if the ex-premier called the prime minister a ‘horrible, horrible person’? I’ve called everyone here an effing c in text messages. I wouldn’t be surprised if Gladys was just pacifying whatever loser minister she was talking to.

Kyle Sandilands stormed out of the studio during Wednesday morning’s show. Image: KIIS 106.5

“This is not real news. Don’t make up fictitious b******t drama over nothing.”

Henderson then insisted the story was newsworthy, to which Sandilands snapped: “We don’t have to run around every time some c********r from the ABC asks a question.”

Again, it should be noted that van Onselen works for Channel 10, not the ABC.

“I’m angry,” he continued. “This is the way the world has been ruined – by d**kheads on the news turning these things into b******t moments.”

Sandilands then called Ross a “f***ing lazy loser journalist” when he tried to defend including the story in the early-morning bulletin.

Frustrated, Henderson asked: “What’s up with you this morning?”

Ross attempted to defend the story’s newsworthiness again, prompting Sandilands to yell: “Just turn your mic off! You’re finished! Get out!”

The situation hit a boiling point, resulting in Sandilands walking out of the studio.

“I’m going home. F**k you. Do the show by yourself, what a f**king show it’ll be.”

After his departure, Henderson said, “Okay, I think we’ll take a short break, because I’m not even sure what happened. Did something happen before I got here? Was it all good?”

Sandilands’ colleagues were genuinely shocked by his behaviour, with the station’s resident psychic, Georgina Walker, telling Henderson and Ross they needed to “let him chill out”.

The dramatic scene comes after Ms Berejiklian released a statement saying she had “no recollection” of the messages, but didn’t deny they were said.

Peter van Onselen (right) presented Mr Morrison (left) with leaked text messages calling him a ‘psycho’ and ‘horrible, horrible person’ at Tuesday’s National Press Club. Image: ABC News / Getty Images

At the National Press Club, van Onselen asked Mr Morrison whether the text exchange surprised him and what he thought it meant.

Momentarily speechless, Mr Morrison replied: “Well, I don’t know who you’re referring to, or the basis of what you’ve put to me.

“But obviously I don’t agree with it. And I don’t think that’s my record.”

Image: Twitter

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