Ita Buttrose has slammed Meghan Markle and her recent attacks on the Royal Family in her podcast Archetypes and interview with The Cut.

The ABC chair appeared at her old workplace at Studio 10 where she called out the Duchess of Sussex for continuing to cause drama for the royals.

“I don’t want to be unkind, but she’s just a celebrity,” the 80-year-old said.

“There’s nothing wrong with being a celebrity, but she’s one of many.

“[She and Prince Harry] don’t have the royal family to fall back on [anymore]. So they have to make every interview count.

“So, because of the other plans she’s got – you know, the books, the movies, whatever – she wants to make sure she stands out in a crowd. So she makes provocative statements.

“Once, she was a princess of the realm. [Now] she goes on about her business of being a celebrity.”

Meghan has released two episodes from her podcast Archetypes as well as The Cut interview where she spoke of the Royal Family’s “red flags”, the difficulty of moving to California, losing her father and trying to “forgive” her in-laws.

She also compared herself to Nelson Mandela, saying that a cast member of the Lion King that South Africans “danced in the street” when she married Prince Harry – just like when “Mandela was freed from prison”.

Some of Australia’s top TV show hosts called out the Duchess for her “tone deaf” comments.

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