Jackie “O” Henderson has announced she will be taking a step back from the Kyle and Jackie O Show for health reasons.

The 47-year-old radio host told listeners on Monday morning that she has been battling ongoing symptoms since contracting Covid-19 earlier this year, with doctors advising her to take extended leave to allow her body some time to rest.

She told listeners she would be off air for “the next couple of weeks” but did not give an exact date as to when she would return.

“Ever since picking up that virus, I’ve been to the doctor several times and he said because I’ve been pushing myself every day, after the show all I’ve been doing is sleeping and I’m not getting better,” Jackie explained.

“I feel it’s got worse. I can hear it,” Kyle told her.

“I just have to take some time off,” she replied. “I’m ending the show today. As in now.”

“You know how much this show means to me, you know how much I push through everything, and I would not be doing this unless I absolutely had to.”

After Kyle joked, “Are you dying? You have cancer?”, to which she replied that she just needed “proper, serious rest”.

“(The doctor) basically said, ‘if you keep doing this, this is going to get much worse,’ and I’ve taken his advice,” Jackie told her co-host.

“I rarely take doctors’ advice, I’m usually like, ‘nah, it’ll be fine’.”

Jackie then promised that she would be “all better” and “back soon” – insisting it was “just for a couple of weeks”.

However, once she logged off from the show, Kyle admitted, “I feel like I’ve been broken up with.”

Image credits: KIIS FM

This article first appeared on OverSixty.