Welcome to the third week of the federal election campaign, where Today show host Karl Stefanovic has stunned viewers by jokingly declaring Anthony Albanese the new Prime Minister of Australia.

When the Channel Nine show came back from a commercial break on Wednesday morning, viewers were treated to the scene of Stefanovic mid-laugh with co-hosts Allison Langdon, Brooke Boney and Alex Cullen.

Stefanovic, clearly keeping their off-air joke rolling, turned right to the camera and declared: “Welcome to 2024. The Prime Minister Anthony Albanese is in big trouble this morning after interest rates went down for the first time.”

“Did you fall asleep and miss two years?” co-host Langdon asked the audience, before adding: “It feels like it…. I stand by my comment. It feels like 2024.”

In a reference to international Star Wars Day, Stefanovic then added: “May the Fourth be with you… and also with you, everyone.”

This is not the first time a prominent media personality has come out with startling political predictions for the upcoming election – nor will it likely be the last – as Alan Jones also announced recently that Albo will take the cake at the end of May.

Image: The Today Show

This article first appeared on OverSixty.