Karl Stefanovic has apologised to his colleagues at Nine after their onslaught on Dr Charlie Teo despite him claiming he is a dear friend of his.

Dr Teo has been the subject of media attacks from the Nine Network over his practices and ethics as a neurosurgeon.

The Today Show co-host came out swinging and refuted the attacks at Dr Teo who he considers one of his close friends.

“I adore him and I love him and I’m just sorry this whole thing’s gone on for so long and continues to go on,” Karl told Daily Mail Australia last week.

“The pile-on with Charlie is very difficult to watch given how much I know he is committed to the profession and how much great work he does and how many lives he’s saved.

“I would hate to see this guy and all of his talent exterminated from a profession that he’s so gifted at. It would be a travesty.”

After his comments, it was confirmed by ABC’s Media Watch that Karl wrote an apology to his colleagues at Nine for “undermining” their work.

Media Watch host Paul Barry said there was “significant upset” in the Sydney Morning Herald workplace.

Karl is an ambassador for the Charlie Teo Foundation and has previously spoken out about how he helped save several of his friend’s lives.

“I would ring him because I had friends or family members that needed urgent medical care and within minutes he would find me doctors for them,” Karl previously said.

“And I’m talking dozens of friends. No matter where he was around the world Charlie Teo would pick up the phone.

“Sometimes he would be just out of surgery and say ‘I’ll call you back in an hour and half because I’m in the US’ or Papua New Guinea or wherever.”

He said that Dr Teo would call back and that within “two hours” his friends would have appointments “with the best in the world”.

“He has legitimately saved my friends’ lives and it’s not even him performing the surgery.

“It’s him going above and beyond to find doctors around the world to help people he doesn’t even know because they’re friends of mine and that’s how deeply he cares.

“The guy doesn’t just talk the talk, he absolutely walks the walk as a friend.”

Images: Nine/Instagram

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