The witnesses due to testify in Brittany Higgins’ trial against her alleged rapist Bruce Lehrmann have been revealed.

The former Liberal staffer’s court case began on October 4 in the ACT Supreme Court where a recording of Higgins’ police interview from February 2021 recounting the alleged rape played.

Bruce Lehrmann who was also a Liberal staffer at the time of the alleged offence, has pleaded not guilty, and has said he did not have sex with Higgins.

A whopping 52 witnesses will appear during the rape trial, including TV star Lisa Wilkinson, coalition senators Linda Reynolds and Michaelia Cash.

Other big names include John Kunkel, the former chief of staff to Scott Morrison, and News Corp journalist Samantha Maiden.

Lehrmann arrived at the court surrounded by a group of lawyers, while Higgins arrived with her supporters including lawyer Leon Zwier and boyfriend David Sharaz.

She was also spotted wearing a badge featuring a feminist slogan.

Chief Justice Lucy McCallum noted that the criminal trial is one of “cause celebre” due to its high-profile nature.

“It is a fundamental requirement that a person accused of a serious criminal offence be tried by an impartial jury,” she told the court.

“I’m asking you to consider your own state of mind (with) the issues that will arise in this case and honestly consider if you can be impartial … and give a true verdict according to the evidence.”

The trial is expected to run for between four and six weeks.

Images: Nine News

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